Schuil Coffee

Coffee from around the World Prices vary depending on type of bean.
Packaged in 6 LB. Bags Whole Beans

100% Colombian Supremo Medellin
Decaf Colombian Supremo
Brazil Bourbon Santos
Aged Colombian
Costa Rica
Decaf Costa Rica
Decaf Guatemala
Mexian Chiapas Elephant Beans
Mexican High Grown
Nicaragua Alianza Genuine Rainforest
Panama Mama Cata
Peak of Andes
Deacaf Peak of Andes
Cuban Roast
Decaf Cuban Roast
Espresso Italian Roast
French Roast
Decaf French Roast
Northwest Blend
Decaf Northwest Blend
Seattle Blend
Decaf Seattle Blend
Turkish Blend
Vienna Roast
(Not a complete List of Beans)

Flavored Coffees
Packaged in 12 oz (pack of 6) Whole Bean Bags and 1.25 oz (pack of 12) Pre-ground Packs

Almond Joyful
Blueberry Crumble
Cafe' De Hacienda
Chocolate Mind
Chocolate Raspberry
Cinnamon Hazelnut
Coconut Creme
French Slik
French Vanilla
Hawaiian Hazelnut
Hazelnut Cream
Irish Cream
Makkinac Island Fudge
Michigan Maple
Mocha Latte
Peanut Butter Cup
White Heather
Vanilla Almond